Vehicle Branding

There are many different ways to brand your vehicle via, vehicle wraps or decals to window contra vision, car magnets and many more.

Vehicle Branding is a highly effective way of making an impact in your   industry by promoting your brand, products and services which is seen by   many people everyday.

Vehicle branding/wrapping is one of the most cutting edge and exciting developments in recent times.  It offers an almost unrivaled advertising opportunity and attracts attention where ever your vehicle goes.

It is a lot like driving around in your personal advertising billboard!

Benefits of Vehicle wrapping: 

  • Cost effective – more advertising impressions
  • Brings roadside advertising to a new level
  • An established, viable and proven technique which really works
  • Advertising from a commuting or roadside perspective
  • It is fast-evolving market
  • Protects vehicle paintwork – increases or maintains vehicles value
  • Can be changed regularly without expensive re-sprays
  • Investment as it grabs attention, empowering your vehicle as a mobile advertising medium.
  • Rand-for-rand one of the cheapest methods to maintain highly visible promotional presence.