Spin Sign

Cost Effective

Unit was designed first and foremost to be first of its kind as a “cost effective spin sign “ that would create an eye-catching movement in an otherwise still market place.

Market Universal

It was designed specifically for, but not limited to, the congested, informal trade areas found throughout Africa’s market places. (Spazas, taverns, shebeens, kiosks, café’s etc.)

Unique Size

Due to limited advertising space available, and crowded pedestrian market areas, unit was designed to A4 size, and wall bracket surface area meant it could be placed on an outlet, using very little wall space.

Cost Solution

Due to high cost of injection tooling, the A4 Spin Sign was preferred, since it resulted in low unit costs for the high volumes required to effectively reach the mass market appeal of informal trading areas. (Cellular, liquor, beverage and tobacco industries require low cost, high QTY items to reach these markets.)