Style                        Flat Roof
Construction        Aluminium/PVC
Leg Units                2 Sliding Parts
Roof Clearance    2.1m
Package Size         1200x150x150mm
Storage Height    1.15m
Weight                   5kg/8kg
Table optional extra/ weight 2kg

Solar Fibreglass Kiosk

Fibreglass Kiosk Construction

The surface finish (colour) is scratch resistant gelcoat, UV stabilized, acid resistant. The fiberglass is applied to the back of this with a chopper gun. Fibreglass and resin is sprayed onto the part. 2mm to 3mm wall thickness. Strong, high impact capabilities.


We can supply internal lighting and plug sockets. Power would need to be supplied from outside, on site. We are working on a Solar version, to power lights in the unit.


Low maintenance. No need to paint, maintenance free. The kiosk just needs to washed from time to time as you would an automobile.


UV resistant, rust proof. Structurally it will last a life time.

Non-Slip Floor

The floor has a coarse finish. You cannot slip and fall on the surface, even if it is wet.