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Wind Up A-Frames

Wind Up Banners


It’s easy to get your brand seen with the WIND Up Banners . From trade shows to in-store promotions, this advertising product can be taken anywhere and set it up in mere moments.

Ex-Ups come in two different shapes: Vertical or Horizontal Banners.


  1. World-class printing technology – Whatever your logo or advertising message, at Expand a Sign, we can create high-definition images that are crystal clear. Once printed, your designs are completely colourfast on our specially engineered fabrics. They will stand up to regular washing and the effects of the elements such as harmful UV rays, strong winds and the rain.
  2. Easily seen – These banners have a large branding area so your branding message will easily be seen through a crowd. Each of the three sizes – Medium, Large and X-Large – makes for impressive landmarks wherever you set them up.
  3. Rigid frame – The Ex-Up range has a rigid A-frame which doesn’t bend and maintains its triangular shape. This makes it an ideal choice for portable advertising at indoor events such as expos or for use in shops and retail spaces.
  4. Quick set up – Unlike other rigid banners on the market, this banner does not require the joining together of a number of loose poles to create a solid frame. Our Ex-Ups, A-frames and Towers can be set up in under a minute without fussing with loose parts.
  5. All-in-one banner – The Ex-Up Banner comes with no loose parts. You can fold it up – frame and fabric together – in one simple twisting motion. This means that if you travel to different events, you don’t have to worry about losing vital components of it. The only extra part is the handy travel bag. It’s specially designed so that your banner slips inside without any hassles. You can then sling the bag over your shoulder and be on your way in no time.
  6. PGA Approved
  7. Red Dot Design Award winner 2009 




The X-Frame 2 is a unique patented expandable advertising A-Frame. Constructed from aluminum making it a rigid A-Frame system.

Graphics are easily interchangeable with the patented X-Frame 2 clip system.The X-Frame 2 sets up in seconds and includes the space-frame, 2 banners and a carry bag.

1m x 1m
2m x 1m
3m x 1m